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Christmas Cards!

Do you want a Christmas card from me? Yes, of course you do! And I want to send one to you! It will be lovingly handcrafted, if by handcrafted you mean 'bought from a store and signed by me, possibly with a little smiley face'. I'll even write you something sweet and touching in it, like 'Merry Christmas' or 'Don't Freeze to Death!' or a sonnet about the beauty of your face.

Don't you want one even more now? Just leave me a comment with your name and address. Comments are screened, so only I will be able to stalk you. A little note stating who you are if it's not obvious from your journal would be helpful, too.


8.9 earthquake

I live about 300 miles from where the earthquake hit, but I felt it. We all did. It wasn't big all the way down here, but it lasted for a long time and scared everyone, especially since my area has been expecting a huge earthquake for a few years now.

Then we turned on the TV in the teacher's room and watched NHK showing tsunami footage in real time. There was no tsunami here, thankfully, but the news coming from up north isn't good. The death toll varies right now depending on where you look but it's predicted to pass 1,000, and there are many, many more whose homes have been destroyed. It's only because Japan has some of the strictest building codes and disaster preparedness in the world that it wasn't worse - there have been tons of aftershocks. The worst of the damage is not in Tokyo, so you don't need to worry too much about people there, but if you have friends or relatives in the Sendai area, I hope you can get in touch with them.

If you want to do something to help, this article or this one are good places to start.

EDIT: There's also a person-finder here if you're trying to make sure someone's okay.
We're doing comparative sentences with the second years right now. Yesterday one of my students asked me if I knew Justin Bieber was gay. She read it on the internet. Then she asked me if she could use it in a sentence, I assume "Justin Bieber is gayer than __________." I said she probably shouldn't, because sometimes the internet lies.

Another one of my students came up with "Amanda is cuter than Mr. Iwata", all on her own. (Mr. Iwata is a teacher I work with.) A's FOR HER. ALL A's.

Happy 2011!

From vaultedthewall: Post the 11th gif in your folder and that is how 2011 will turn out for you.

...this does not bode well.


My students have been making me feel so loved recently. Scheduling issues mean that sometimes I go to one class a bunch of times while not going to another at all, and even though I really don't do all that much in their classes, apparently they notice.

Yesterday one boy was asking his teacher about their next English class, and was all "IS AMANDA COMING?" and then got sad when I said I wasn't. (Then his teacher teased him about being in love with me, it was pretty great.)

Today while I was on my way to a class, another girl stopped me in the hallway and asked why I hadn't been to her class in awhile. Then when I got where I was going, their teacher was like "You guys are lucky, Amanda comes to your class a lot", and these two boys went "YES!" and high-fived. IT WAS ADORABLE.

I really don't know why they like me so much, but I'm not complaining. I'm just slightly startled by the sudden outpourings of love!

my students ;_;

Today my school had our annual chorus contest. The students practice for weeks, it's a big deal for them. And they usually do a really good job, too, except for the occasional boy who's still struggling with that puberty thing.

I was talking with some of the students before it started, and I noticed that one had something written on her hands, but I couldn't really see it. I asked her what it was, and she showed me that it was MY NAME written in katakana.

I was like, "What? Why?!"

She told me that it was because I'm always smiling, so they wrote it on their hands to remind themselves to smile while they're singing.

Most. Adorable. Thing. Ever.


Winter Break

Hey, I've failed at LJing for awhile, but I figured I ought to let people know that I'll be in Seattle for Christmas. December 22nd to January 1st - really December 31st, since I leave pretty early on the 1st. So let's do things!